About St Ann's Outreach



Every Christian has a vocation or call to ministry that comes from our baptism. We share a common vocation as members of the community of faith that professes Jesus Christ as Lord.


Each of us has a unique way of living that common Christian Vocation. How we live out vocation is a result of our particular configuration of strengths and weaknesses, talents and limitations.


What God asks is simple, we are to live to Gospel in our daily life, to be faithful witnesses of God’s love and to serve God’s people with generosity and compassion. It is up to us to determine how we can best do that. How can we cooperate with God’s life within us most generously, most honestly and with the greatest authenticity.

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What is my vocation?

It is woven into the fabric of our life and experience of faith, unique to each of us yet woven into the greater community of faith.


Members of St Ann’s currently are engaged in these extensions of our common life:


  • Block Island Conservancy

  • Block Island Land Trust

  • Block Island Health Services Board of Director

  • Block Island Emergency Response Squad

  • Wounded Warriors Project

  • Haiti Relief Team

  • Roosa Fund for local and international need

  • Animal Causes:

          Block Island Volunteers for Animals

          Guiding Eyes for the Blind

          Mutt-i-grees Curriculum

          Bianca’s Furry Friends Capital Campaign

          Danbury Animal Welfare Society

          North Shore Animal League of America

  • Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island

  • Crop Walk

  • American Legion on Block Island

  • BIMI – Block Island Maritime Institute

  • Block Island Planning Board

  • Block Island Historic District Commission

  • Block Island Library Board of Trustees

  • Block Island Senior Advisory Committee