The Bishop's Committee

 Serving as body of advice and counsel to the Vicar.

Mike Lofaro,


Carol Hill,

Junior Warden

Theresa Sisto,

Senior Warden

Rebecca Brown,


Mike Ballard

Pam Hinthorn

Cheryl Moore

The Bishop's Committee is a group of lay people appointed by the Diocesan Bishop to exercise leadership in areas such as finance, property and personnel. The committee serves as a body of advice and counsel to the Vicar. The committee is normally chaired by the Vicar, who bears responsibility for worship and pastoral care. The committee meets bi-monthly to deal with the business of the parish. There are three officers: Senior Warden, Junior Warden and Treasurer, who with the Vicar constitute the Executive committee which meets monthly to deal with issues which may arise between the parish committee meetings. The Senior Warden acts as a liaison between the Vicar and the parish, and in the absence of a Vicar assumes a leadership role. The Junior Warden oversees property issues and the Treasurer is our financial officer.

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