St Ann's by-the-Sea on Beautiful Block Island

"One of the 12 Last Great Places in the Western Hemisphere"
- the Nature Conservancy

St Ann’s by-the-Sea Episcopal Church is located on beautiful Block Island. The peaceful setting creates a relaxed worhsip environment and friendly active community. The island is located 12 miles off the southern shore of Rhode Island, and it is one of New England’s most beautiful and best-kept secrets. Many find this a place of restoration and renewal.

Being a small, isolated community, typically under 1000 residents, members tend to have

a strong bond to the island and with their

fellow community members.

Block Island - a unique corner of the world

- 11 sq miles of natures majesty

- 17 miles of beaches

- 400 miles of stone walls

- 2 historic lighthouses

- 365 fresh water ponds

- Sensational bird watching