St Ann's Outreach Programs

At the heart of St Ann's Outreach is the work of our members in the world and in the community. We have a philosophy of outreach that is founded in the understanding that worship at St Ann's is generative of the individual ministry of our members. The level of impact our members have in our community is way beyond our size. Join us in supporting our Outreach Programs

Helping Hands Food Pantry


Started in 2007 by Elisa Hundt of St Ann's by-the-Sea and Pastor Pat Harrison of the Harbor Baptist Church, this wonderful ministry has evolved into the combined efforts of the three churches on Block Island: St. Ann's, Harbor Baptist, and St. Andrew's Roman Catholic, to meet the needs of the community. It is truly an ecumenical effort run by all three churches. Donations of non-perishible food are accepted at all churches and tax deductible monetary donations may be made out to Helping Hands, Inc


Lunch Bunch

The Lunch Bunch and Soup Group meets Tuesdays and Fridays at noon at the Community Center. St Ann’s volunteers are always present to provide food and conversation for Islanders 55 and over who gather to share a meal.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry
of Block Island


This wonderful ministry was started by St Ann’s in 2008 and is comprised of women from all faiths and denominations on the Island. When a shawl is completed a tag is added with the recipients' name, the knitter's name, and a blessing. A label with 'Block Island Prayer Shawl Ministry' is sewn on the inside of the shawl and then it is then ready to be blessed by a Minister or Rabbi if desired. We meet at St. Ann's by-the-Sea at 4 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each month.

If you know of someone who would like a shawl, please let a member know or email:


ABOUT THE PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: Giving away a shawl has certain ritual elements to it. Many people develop formal rituals for this; others are more casual. Often, shawls are wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a strand of leftover yarn.


We recommend a wonderful book “Knitting into the Mystery” by Susan S. Jorgensen and Susan S. Izard.  “In a time when war is destroying what we hold dear and the world is in chaos, you receive peace that you may be peace. You receive love that you may be love. You receive healing that you may heal. You receive affirmation that you may affirm. Be mindful. Be prayerful. Welcome the Mystery.”


A traditional prayer shawl pattern uses 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun [bulky yarn]. [Or you can experiment with other yarns]. Using size 11 needles, cast on 63 stitches; size 13 needles, cast on 57 stitches. One of the classic patterns is Knit 3 Pearl 3 across each row. When you turn your work, begin with Knit 3 Pearl 3. This will give you a modified seed stitch pattern. Save about ½ skein for the fringe, if you desire. There are many more prayer shawl patterns available on as well, including little pocket prayer squares with a cross knitted in the center. If you would like the pattern for the prayer square, contact Erica Tonner.


Here is a good website to learn more about the Prayer Shawl Ministry or to start your own ministry.


For more information about the Prayer Shawl Ministry of Block Island

CALL:  466-2911     EMAIL:  Or call Erica Tonner 401-218-1949

African Team Ministries

On display and for sale during specific weeks during summer months


We are pleased to be able to support African Team Ministries for the last three years. The monies raised goes to support the women who make the jewelry and create the carved figurines, instruments and textiles. The charity also supports clean water, refugees and orphans, medical clinics and rural farmers by providing drip-irrigation kits. This effort to help those in East Africa is supported by eight African Anglican bishops and has been a popular outreach effort here on Block Island.