Divine Reading 'Lectio Divina'

January 23, 2015

Lectio Divina [Divine Reading]*



Read the passage, as you would put food in your mouth.



Read it slowly. Reach down expecting something to find something in the passage. When something touches your heart, stop reading. God has   given you a word to be a guest in your heart. Welcome it. Walk with it. Wrestle with it. Ask it questions. Allow it to nourish you. Receive its blessing. If nothing touches you, be still. God also speaks in silence and darkness.



Pray your feelings. Maybe you can only stand in awe, rejoicing. That is prayer. Perhaps you weep. Or sing. Or tenderly talk to God. Or scream in anger. Or kneel with outstretched arms. Prayer is a link, a mutual    yearning — straining — aching. Prayer is tasting life.



Having tasted, you respond. With complete abandon let yourself fall into the hands of the living God. Trust. Melt into God. Stop struggling.Surrender. Nothing is left except being in God.



Write down the phrase that you used and any thoughts that you wish to record. Carry the phrase with you through the day.


Our spiritual lives provide the space to invite God in, to know God directly, to allow our wills to be shaped by God’s will, and to return to the work ready to serve in God’s Name. — Gene Robinson



*Adapted from A Tree of Angels, by Macrina Wiederkehr. Copyright © 1988 by Macrina Wiederkehr. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

* In the Eye of the Storm Swept to the Center by God.


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